The highest number of 16 educational institutions was closed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Islamabad: Twenty-two educational institutions across the country were closed due to violations of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and increasing Corona cases.

Educational institutions, which have been closed for six months due to the Corona epidemic, have started reopening in phases from September 15, for which implementation of SOPs has been made mandatory.

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According to the National Command and Control Center, 22 educational institutions across the country have been closed in the last 48 hours for failing to take precautionary measures against corona. The NCOC says the failure to take precautionary measures against Corona has led to an epidemic in educational institutions.

The highest number of 16 educational institutions were closed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 5 in Azad Kashmir and one in Islamabad. The NCOC has issued strict monitoring guidelines in educational institutions.

Meanwhile, the IBA (Institute of Business Administration) in Karachi has also been closed for two days after the cases of Covid 19 came to light. Earlier, the Rafah Medical College and Hostel in Islamabad were also sealed off after cases of corona virus were reported.

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Instructions for parents and teachers: –

The NCOC has asked parents and teachers to take care of these issues when sending their children to school.

1. Send children to school wearing masks, even if it's just clothes.

2. Never send children to school if they have a cough or symptoms.

3. If the condition worsens, the child should be tested immediately. The school should be notified if the corona test is positive.

4. Maintain social distance between children.

5. Be sure to wash children's hands regularly or use a hand sanitizer


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