The dollar should have been low instead of the rupee, it seems staunch and the value of the dollar is rising, Forex sources (photo: file)

Karachi: On Monday, the value of the dollar against the rupee fell uncontrollably in the Interbank and local open currency markets, and the value of the dollar increased by a record record of 3 rupees, after which the dollar fell to the highest level.

According to the Forex Association of Pakistan, the dollar value of the dollar increased by Rs 3.36 against the Pakistani rupee in the Interbank on Monday, which led to the dollar buying price from Rs 154.24 to Rs 157.50 and selling price from Rs 154.34 to Rs 157.70. Done.

With a significant increase of Rs 2.70 in the local open currency market, dollar buying increased from Rs 154 to Rs 156.50 and sales at Rs 157 increased from Rs 154.30.

According to the Forex report, the purchase price of the euro increased from Rs 172 to Rs 175 and the sale price from Rs 174 to Rs 177.50. The buying price of British Pounds increased from Rs 199 to Rs 200.50 and Price from Rs 201 to Rs 203.

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The buying price of the Chinese yuan was stable at Rs 20 and Rs 22.50, the price of Saudi rial was steady at Rs 40.60 and the sale was increased from Rs 40.90 to Rs 41. The price of Yuvai e-Durham increased from Rs 41.60 to Rs 41.80 and sales from Rs 41.90 to Rs 42.20.

On the other hand, sources of forex dealers have said that the current situation should have reduced the value of the dollar instead of the rupee. However, it seems that the market is active and the value of the dollar is being deliberately increased.

Sources added that if the same decline in rupee value continues, the central bank may have to intervene in the market.


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