No camera was installed at the place where the youth was taken away. The phone call of the police officer, police personnel and the abducted brother went viral. Photo: Express

Karachi: Late last night, plainclothes police abducted a young man named Sameer from Surjani Town Sector 7A and took him away in a white car and a helper in a mobile of 15 and demanded ransom, accusing him of selling gatka.

A phone call between the alleged policemen and the abductee's brother went viral on social media. The alleged policemen demanded a ransom of Rs. 500,000 and later Rs. 100,000 for the release of the young shopkeeper Threatened

Rashid, the brother of the abducted shopkeeper Sameer, said that there was a grocery shop in the house of the abducted Sameer and Sameer was abducted from his house around 12.30 pm and nothing was recovered from Sameer. He said that selling Gutka is a crime.

The case was registered and not kidnapped and demanded ransom. The IG took notice of the incident and rescued the brother. SHO Surjani Town Nazim Rao went to the house and shop of the young shopkeeper and got information.

SHO Sarjani said that there was no CCTV camera at the place where the armed men took the young shopkeeper from, the police had only the mobile phone number of the young shopkeeper and they were trying to reach the accused from the same phone number. ۔


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