The latest outbreak of the Corona virus, killing 54 people in Iran and Italy's 6 million population, has left. Photo: file

Karachi: The birth of the Corona virus has decreased slightly in Wuhan, but in Iran, 54 people have died each day from Corona, which is a new record, thus the number of Corona deaths in Iran has exceeded 290. Morocco has also confirmed the first casualty from Corona.

Today, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the city of Wuhan on the downfall of the Corona virus, where the Corona virus was infected. Although the situation has improved in China, the number of virus deaths in Italy has risen to 463. There are 9,000 patients, fearing that the country of six million population has become quarantine because of the measures taken by Italy. This way of life is severely affected.

The World Health Organization has confirmed 4,000 deaths worldwide and the number of patients globally is estimated to be between 100,000 or 135,000. In this context, a total of 46,000 patients have returned to their homes recovering from Corona.

The annual cultural festival in Germany has been canceled, while Germany and Italy have decided to hold a March 31 football match without any spectacle. Similarly, in many matches there were players but fans were missing. On the other hand, the Greek Minister of Health has issued orders for the closure of universities and schools for two weeks.

Six new Corona virus patients have emerged in Qatar, after which smoking in all cafes and restaurants has been banned. The total number of patients in Qatar is up to 18.

In the UK, the number of Corona virus cases is estimated to be 373, out of which six have died. On the other hand, the number of corona virus patients in the US has grown to 800 and the death toll has been estimated at 27. The death toll in France has risen to 30.

World Health Organization

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has told the world not to become infected with the virus. He has urged all the governments of the world to be prepared at all times, to do everything possible to keep the virus out of control, even in countries where no case is reported or the number of victims is low, precautionary measures should be taken. ۔ The World Organization has also emphasized hope rather than fear.

WHO says 5 million sets have been sent to 47 countries around the world to protect against the Corona virus, but their reserves are rapidly dwindling. On the one hand there is a severe lack of doctors, nurses and medical staff, while medical gloves, masks, gowns, aprons, special shields and eyeglasses are also lacking.

The World Health Organization said that 8 million 90 million masks, 30 million gowns, 15 million 90,000 springs, 7 million gloves and 29 million liters of sterile liquids are needed every month worldwide.

It is important that medical personnel only need this equipment.


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