The spread of the epidemic in Europe began to slow down, and in Russia it accelerated. Photos, Reuters.

The number of coronavirus victims in the world has exceeded 35.53 million and the death toll has reached 2.5 million while more than 1.5 million patients have recovered.

The spread of the corona virus in Europe is showing signs of slowing down. Germany, Spain, South Korea and Thailand eased the lockdown. The lockdown was eased after a sharp decline in new cases of corona in Spain. Large crowds turned to parks in the capital, Madrid. Young people were seen exercising. Sanctions were also relaxed in Germany. Churches were reopened after more than a month of closure.

In South Korea, crowds of people flocked to recreational areas after the Corona cases dropped. A large number of people also reached the beach. It was announced that mosques will be opened in some cities in Iran from tomorrow.

On the other hand, the spread of Corona virus in Russia is increasing rapidly and in a single day more than 10,000 people were diagnosed with the virus. The total number of patients has exceeded 135,000.

The lockdown in Britain is expected to continue until next month. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says plans were made for his death after he was infected with the corona virus. He was given a lot of oxygen during his illness. Needed

In India, Air Force planes marched to pay tribute to the medical staff and helicopters also showered flowers on doctors and nurses.

The virus continues to kill in the United States

The number of new cases and deaths has not decreased in the grip of the US corona virus. The number of Corona virus victims in the United States has exceeded 1.188 million, while the death toll has exceeded 68,000. Rallies were also held in several states against the implementation of the lockdown. However, life is returning to normal in many states. Hundreds of people flocked to the parks in New York after the hot weather and sunshine. Police kept reminding people to keep social distance.

In the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, people were allowed to go to parks and golf courses. The state of Florida will ease the lockdown from tomorrow. Shops and restaurants will be allowed to open, but schools, gyms and barber shops will remain closed. The corona virus has severely damaged the economy in the United States and left an estimated 30 million people unemployed.

The economy is severely affected

Leading US investor Warren Buffett has said that the global epidemic has severely affected the world economy and its investment, but that the crisis has left the United States unable to cope with the extraordinary crisis, according to the World News Agency. Hope has increased. The US government's economic advisers have indicated that the government will have to take further steps to offset the damage caused to businesses by the epidemic. Saudi Arabia's stock market plunged on Sunday, and according to Moody's, investors in Saudi Arabia will need time to recover.


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