The accused overstepped their authority in the recruitment of Saleem Sayani, a former deputy MD, FIA (Photo: File)

Karachi: The FIA ​​Corporate Crime Circle arrested former PIA MD Ijaz Haroon and former director HR Hanif Pathan.

According to FIA Deputy Director Abdul Rauf Sheikh, former PIA MD Ejaz Haroon and former director HR Hanif Pathan have been arrested. The accused overstepped their authority in the recruitment of a former deputy MD named Saleem Sayani. Advertising for recruitment, PIA Act, Rules were violated, both the former officers approved to pay a monthly salary of lakhs of rupees to Saleem Sayani.

Deputy Director FIA said that commission payment was also approved for employing Saleem Sayani for PIA Engineering. Both the officers also approved Saleem Sayani to stay in a five star hotel for 3 months. The airline was also responsible for paying the rent for the DMD family's accommodation in Dubai.

With the approval of the arrested officers, Saleem Sayani's insurance policy of one million dollars was also approved. Saleem Sayani was also given one million dollars payments in case of abduction, bodily harm or death while on the job. A 7% annual increase was also approved.

The arrested officers also approved three months' salary payments on the cancellation of the employment contract. Saleem Sayani was also paid ہزار 50,000 for transfer to the US, Pakistan or Dubai. Investigations into the role of other airline officials are also underway.


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