I will tell Nawaz Sharif not to get emotional and target national institutions, suspended MPA. Photo: File

Lahore: Suspended PML-N MPA Jalil Sharq Puri has said that he will not support Nawaz Sharif's stand against the institutions.

Jalil Sharq Puri, a member of the Punjab Assembly who was suspended from the PML-N yesterday, made it clear in a press conference that we avoid lies. There should not have been such a weak talk with the Quaid. I will not support Nawaz Sharif's position against him.

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Jalil Sharqpuri said that Shahbaz Sharif has no tendency to speak against any institution, Nawaz Sharif's anti-military speech in APC is against national interest, he said such things out of emotion, I will tell him out of emotion. Don't target institutions, such a thing should not happen to such a person.

It is to be noted that PML-N has suspended the membership of Mian Jalil Ahmed Sharqpuri, a member of the Provincial Assembly, for criticizing the speech of party leader Nawaz Sharif in the APC and demanded a reply within a week.


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