The highest increase in debt in the last 10 years, Prime Minister Photo: File

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that half of the tax money is spent on loans, so how to run the country.

Addressing a joint sitting of Parliament, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he paid tributes to all the allies on important legislation, adding that party members and allies stood by Pakistan today.

For the first time, Abid was not severely punished for the crime

The Prime Minister said that the whole country was shaken by the motorway accident, legislation is necessary to prevent such incidents, we must legislate to protect children and women, global data shows that abusers many times The same crime is repeated when the victims are always in trouble after going through such incidents. Abid, the accused in the motorway incident, has been involved in gang rape before. After the first crime, Abid was not severely punished. There will be crimes that have not been reported. We need to improve the policing system, such a crime should be punished in such a way that the perpetrator is afraid of the consequences, a bill is being prepared to punish the perpetrators in the case of abuse.

Pakistan went on the gray list due to previous governments

On legislation on FATF, the Prime Minister said that Pakistan was not included in the FATF gray list because of the present government, but because of previous governments, Pakistan went on the gray list, which, God willing, goes on the blacklist. So it has to go through a lot of hardships, being blacklisted by a country destroys its economy.

Opposition leaders and Pakistan have conflicting interests

The Prime Minister said that those who protect the public interest are appreciated in the democratic era. I was hoping that the opposition would appreciate us today. The opposition tried to give priority to personal interest under the guise of FATF legislation. Of Opposition leaders and Pakistan have conflicting interests. The opposition used the FATF bill to save its corruption. The opposition's proposal for 34 amendments to the NAB Act was aimed at burying the NAB. They said that NAB should give money laundering to the skeleton. If they did not do money laundering then what was there to be afraid of. These people do not allow the country to run and do not allow them to address the assembly.

There is no need to borrow money to stop money laundering

The Prime Minister said that this legislation was very important for the future of the country. According to the US report, 10 10 billion is laundered from Pakistan every year. Money laundering is a big problem in developing countries. Corrupt people send their money abroad through money laundering. Yes, money laundering makes poor countries poorer and rich countries richer. If we stop money laundering, we will not need to take loans.

The highest debt growth in 10 years

Criticizing the opposition, the Prime Minister said, "I showed my flat in London in 2002. However, they took the case to court. I presented all the evidence but they could not present any evidence regarding the London property." In order to commit corruption, they first destroyed institutions and paralyzed the NAB. In the last 10 years, the debt has increased the most. They have increased the debt of the country four times. If half of our tax money goes into debt, then how to run the country.


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