The Prime Minister elaborated on the Modi government's strategy on Kashmir. Photo, file

Islamabad: The Prime Minister has exposed the intentions of the Modi government to prolong the Indian occupation of occupied Kashmir.

In his tweet, the Prime Minister said that Modi's ideology influenced by the RSS regarding occupied Jammu and Kashmir is very clear. First, the people of Kashmir should be deprived of their right to self-determination through illegal occupation of the occupied territories. Second, they should be treated as inferior human beings through a three-pronged strategy.

He said that children and women should not be crushed by inhumane weapons including guns. After that, a curfew should be imposed to deprive them of basic necessities including medicine and food.

The Prime Minister said that the Modi government wants the people of Kashmir, especially the youth, to be cut off from the world through mass arrests and cut off of communication.

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Explaining India's intentions to prolong the occupation of Kashmir, he said that the Modi government wanted the right of the people of Kashmir to struggle for self-determination (which is guaranteed by the Security Council resolutions) by painting it as terrorism at the behest of Pakistan. In Jammu and Kashmir, the possibility of a fake operation against Pakistan should be created by diverting the world's attention from Indian state terrorism.


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