Only perform duties in the mosque and the saints should go home, the scholars. Photo: file

Lahore / Karachi: Scholars say that taking precautions to protect yourself and protect others is a matter of time and circumstances.

The Ulema Council of Pakistan Ulema issued a fatwa stating that the Corona pandemic is rampant and that the virus has spread all over the world, taking precautions to prevent it and to protect itself and protect others. Taking action is a requirement of time and circumstance, and the Shariah of Islam dictates that the notion that precautionary measures violate Allah's reliance on Allah is not correct.

The Pakistan Ulema Council has issued a message saying that the government should take full precautionary measures regarding the Corona virus epidemic. These instructions are in accordance with the teachings of Sharia, Islamic law, government and health department. The instructions given by the authorities are lawfully necessary and appropriate; if the government gives an order under any of the rules, then it becomes obligatory on everyone, especially in large gatherings, the risk of spreading the virus is high. For weddings, large gatherings can be delayed and, if necessary, cut them short, as well as schools, In colleges and schools are also supporting the government's decision to leave.

Scholars say that in regard to congregation prayers, it is important to take care that the Sunnah of the Prayer should be performed from the house and the Saints after the Prayer should also go home instead of the mosque as it is more preferable to read the Sunnah at home.

He appealed that the worshipers should perform ablutions from home as well, and that the imams should perform ablutions in Friday prayers and other prayers as it is better to shorten the prayers when needed.

Prominent scholar Mufti Taqi Usmani, on the other hand, urged the government to take precautionary measures regarding the Corona virus outbreak and said that it is important to take precautionary measures to prevent and protect the Corona pandemic. And the restriction of government orders is in accordance with the Shariah teachings.

Some people think that taking precautionary measures violates Allah. It is not true. ' Referring to a hadith, he said that precautionary measures are required by the Shariah and if an order is given under the rule at any time, it is bound to be banned, especially in large gatherings. , So postpone weddings like big gatherings.


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