Contempt of Court Petition Filed by Missing Citizen's Wife (Photo, File)

Islamabad: Notices were issued to Home Secretary IG and DC Islamabad in the contempt of court petition filed against non-recovery of missing citizen and implementation of court orders.

According to Express News, the petition filed by his wife for the recovery of missing IT engineer Sajid Mahmood, who has been missing for four years, has not progressed despite court orders and the Islamabad High Court DC has issued notices in contempt of court petition against Islamabad.

The court directed the Home Secretary to appoint a representative who would appear before the court at the next hearing. Identify the officers who did not comply with the court order. If the Home Secretary's representative could not be satisfied, the Home Secretary should appear.

Haider Imtiaz, a lawyer for the missing citizen, said the court had issued four directions in its decision two years ago. Not a single directive from the federal government was followed.

The Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court asked the counsel for the petitioner whether the decision of the single bench was challenged. To which the lawyer replied that the decision was challenged but the relevant order was not suspended.

The lawyer said that the court had ordered the government to bear the expenses of Sajid Mahmood's house till his recovery. Despite the passage of more than a year, the court orders could not be implemented. The court had imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh each on the Secretary Defense, Chief Commissioner and IG Police. The lawyer had imposed a fine of Rs 3 lakh on the then SHO of Shalimar Qaiser Niaz police station. The people are being paid monthly expenses.

The court issued notice to the parties and adjourned further hearing of the case till October 1. It is to be noted that Mahra Sajid, wife of the missing citizen, had filed a contempt of court petition against the government for non-compliance with court orders.


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