Waqar al-Hassan's close relatives and Waqar's brother-in-law Abbas were also acquitted. Photo: File

Lahore: It has been 7 days since a case of rape of a woman was registered on Sialkot-Lahore Motorway but the investigation teams could not catch the main accused.

Even 7 days after the Gujjarpura tragedy, the main accused of gang rape, Abid Ali, could not be arrested. Investigators are also conducting raids in other cities to nab the accused, but the ruthless accused has not yet been apprehended. Teams formed on the indication of accused Iqbal alias Bala Mastri, who was taken into custody from Sahiwal, are busy day and night trying to nab the accused.

According to sources, Waqar's relatives and Waqar's Aziz Abbas were also released by the police yesterday. Waqar and Abbas's close relatives were taken into custody a few days ago. Waqar was a resident of Abid, the main accused, who will be released after receiving a DNA report.

On the other hand, the inquiry into the Gujjarpura incident has been shifted from Gujjarpura police station to Old Anarkali.


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