Parliamentary party meeting chaired by the Prime Minister, the internal story came to light

Islamabad: A meeting of the parliamentary party was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the internal story of which came to light.

A meeting of the Parliamentary Party of PTI and allied parties was held under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister in which the MPs discussed issues related to constituencies.

According to sources, the Prime Minister said that the opposition is opposing the law of national interest to save the corruption of its leaders, understand the importance of the joint meeting, we have to pass the FATF Bills for Pakistan.

Complaining to the Prime Minister about the negligence of the federal ministers, the MPs said that the federal ministers do not have time to listen to the public issues. Shirakbar Khan said that we are the representatives of the people and are accountable to them in the constituencies.

Imran Khan said that he was bringing a new energy policy which would solve the problems of electricity and gas, be aware of the problems of the people, solve the problems of the people on priority basis.

MNA Noor Alam Khan while protesting in the parliamentary party meeting on receiving NAB notices said that NAB sends notices if we talk about anything.

PM Imran Khan said that NAB has even taken notices against our Chief Ministers and Ministers, NAB is not under the control of the government, it is an independent body.


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