The district administration will be responsible for transporting the body to the house, Sindh Health Department said. Photo, file

Karachi: The Sindh Health Department has allowed the funeral prayers of those who died due to corona virus to be offered in mosques or funeral homes and burial in public cemeteries.

According to details, Sindh Health Department has issued new SOPs for bathing and burial of patients who died due to corona. According to the guidelines, there will be six stages of bathing and burial. The hospital will provide the PCR test report of the person who died from Corona. The hospital staff will remove all the machines attached to the body of the deceased. The body will be wrapped in a double layer cloth. Plastic bags will be needed where fluid leakage is visible. It is not necessary to wrap the body in plastic sheet after clearing it. The district administration will be responsible for transporting the body home. Survivors will be able to see the face of the deceased.

Confirmation of death from corona virus will be the responsibility of the hospital administration and will inform the district administration in this regard. The responsibility of bathing and shrouding will be borne by a three-member team of the district administration. Funeral prayers will be offered in mosques or funeral parlors, while burial will be in a public cemetery. No designated cemetery is required for dead patients, precautionary measures will be taken during bathing and burial.

According to the instructions given to the family in the advisory, the relatives will be able to see the dead but will refrain from touching or kissing the deceased. It will be necessary to maintain a distance of at least one meter with the body of the deceased. Crowds should also be avoided on this occasion. People over the age of 50, children and people with various diseases will not be allowed to attend the last rites. The details released by the health department also include instructions regarding the payment of last rites for those who have lost their lives in Corona, belonging to the Hindu and Christian communities.

In this regard, the former president of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association, Prof. Dr. Sohail Akhtar, while talking to Express News, said that after bathing and shroud, the chances of the virus being transmitted from a dead person to a living person are very low. Survivors will be able to attend the last rites of their loved ones, no special cemetery or grave will be required, some guidelines in the previous SOPs were unnecessary which have been amended to help alleviate the unrest in the society. ,


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