I don't understand why the people of Chhabri were locked up in Larkana, Imran Khan

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that now there will be a smart lockdown for the elderly and the sick.

Speaking at the launch of three major initiatives under the Ehsas program in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that our people have a great passion for giving alms. Ordinary people gave me more money than rich people in the campaign to build the government, 50 percent of the money in the Prime Minister's Relief Fund was given by ordinary people because they believe in the hereafter and Allah.

Imran Khan said that there was a lockdown in Pakistan because of Corona. If the provinces had asked me, I would never have allowed such a lockdown. While deciding, one should think about the effect on the people, unless they think that What will happen to the wage earners, the poor and the slum dwellers who will lose their jobs who earn a living then the children eat, unless they think about it the whole lockdown should not have happened, but the country was in chaos, China And looking at Europe, everyone said that the epidemic has spread and we locked down severely, I was criticized a lot but thankfully my words were heard, I did not lock down severely under pressure.

The Prime Minister said that the lockdown that we have done has destroyed the service sector, we have started the Prime Minister's Relief Fund to deal with the situation and those who are unemployed from Corona, under the Ehsas program in a very short time in a very transparent manner. Distributed which brought a lot of relief to the people. When I visited Larkana to distribute the money, I was saddened that there was a carpenter, a tailor and a weaver among the affected people. I did not understand why the weavers were closed in Larkana.

Imran Khan said that we have already provided shelter and anchorage for those sleeping on the streets from Corona. In the country including Islamabad and Lahore, people are sleeping on the streets in severe cold. It is a great shame for the society. I tell parliamentarians and ministers to go to shelters and eat with the people and ask now, we will increase the number of shelters and take the country to a level where there is compassion and empathy for the poor.

The Prime Minister said that the challenge for us is to keep the business open and also to make people realize that we have to work according to the SOPs, our next month is difficult in which there will be smart lockdown, now the biggest thing is to do it. People whose lives are at greater risk than Corona's, including the elderly and the sick, such as people with diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, need to be locked down. We urge them to take special precautions. This is our challenge. If these people are rescued, Corona will not suffer the same damage as in other countries. From now on, the important task in the next month is to save the poor and those who are most at risk from Corona in the lockdown.

Imran Khan further said that they will tell the donors where their donation is going, they will publish the lists of the recipients, they will establish full transparency, there are no political objectives in the Ehsas program, the data of NADRA deserves All information is taken.


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