The second wave of corona is spreading rapidly, leaving polio in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Photofile

Islamabad: Dr. Palitha Mahipala, WHO Representative in Pakistan, said that Pakistan had adopted the best strategy against Corona.

WHO Representative Dr. Palitha Mahipala in an exclusive interview with the morning show "Expresso" said that Pakistan had adopted the best strategy against Corona while Pakistan became one of the leading countries in the world by controlling the Corona epidemic in time. Is.

Credit for the Corona epidemic also goes to the Pakistani people who implemented the government's strategy. Overall, Prime Minister Imran Khan's smart strategy proved to be the best. He said that the second wave of Corona epidemic is spreading rapidly. WHO is helping the countries including Pakistan which are working on vaccine development and it is hoped that by 2021, two billion vaccines will be delivered.

Dr Mahipala expressed concern that unfortunately the polio virus remained in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Which are being given special attention and are helping to eradicate polio.

He said that diseases like cancer and diabetes are becoming common in Pakistan. Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign is underway all over the world including Pakistan. There are 3 million cases of breast cancer in Pakistan every year out of which 458,000 women die. Pakistan's basic health system needs to be improved to prevent these dangerous diseases.


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