Air Marshal Arshad Malik has summoned the legal and flight operations teams. Photo: File

Karachi : PIA has decided to take stern action against pilots with fake licenses and fake degrees.

Significant decisions are expected after the interim investigation report of the PIA plane crash is released, sources said, adding that action has been taken in the light of the alleged fake licenses of one-third of the pilots while lists have also been sought from the CAA. It has been decided to ground all such pilots immediately till the inquiry is completed.

Air Marshal Arshad Malik has summoned the legal and flight operations teams while sources said that out of 400 PIA pilots, 150 captains have been found to have alleged fake licenses, also against the CAA's regulatory department. A formal announcement regarding the probe is expected at a press conference by Federal Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan.

Sources said that the process of dismissal of 4 PIA pilots has been started. The four pilots have not operated a single flight for the last one and a half years and have been receiving monthly salary, including one female pilot. Yes, the female pilot is working in a private Turkish airline after taking leave from PIA. The female pilot trained the A320 aircraft at the expense of PIA and left for Turkey with a certificate.

According to sources, it has been decided to take back one and a half years salary and simulator training expenses from the female pilot while action will also be taken against those who are scheduling the pilots.


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