The party's fake finding committee is likely to meet Talal Chaudhry in Lahore today. (Photo, file)

Lahore: PML-N Punjab President Rana Sanaullah has formed a fact-finding committee on the case of former Minister of State for Home Affairs Talal Chaudhry, who was allegedly tortured by the brothers of a female MPA a long time ago.

The Express News committee consists of Saira Afzal Tarar and Akram Ansari and will investigate the whole incident in three days. The party leadership will be apprised of the facts of the incident.

On the other hand, while issuing an explanatory statement about the incident, Talal Chaudhry said that the incident that happened to me did not belong to a female member of the Assembly. News from sources related to me is not based on facts. I will issue a detailed statement about the incident.

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"The media is requested to wait for my position," he said. Until the situation arises, such news should not be given which will create misunderstandings and resentments. The incident has nothing to do with any female member of the National Assembly. The media is requested to realize the domestic nuances of women.

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He said that the honor and dignity of all mothers, sisters and daughters should be taken care of. It is reprehensible for some government miscreants to politicize the incident.

No league leader visited in three days

It has been three days since PML-N leader Talal Chaudhry was admitted to a private hospital in Defense, but no PML-N leader has visited him. Almost all the league leaders were present in Lahore yesterday but no one even asked about Talal Chaudhry.

According to party sources, the PML-N Punjab fact-finding committee is likely to meet Talal Chaudhry on Sunday. A three-member fact-finding committee headed by Saira Afzal Tarar will investigate the Talal Chaudhry issue and prepare a report in three days.


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