Buses cannot run with 50% passengers, Transporters Association Photo, file

Buses cannot run with 50% passengers, Transporters Association Photo, file

Lahore / Rawalpindi: Public transport in Punjab has been partially restored but a faction has refused to recognize government SOPs and has announced not to operate vehicles.

According to Express News, public transport has been partially opened in various cities including Lahore and Rawalpindi, while All Pakistan Public Transport Association chairman Ismatullah Niazi, along with other officials, told a press conference that the government The SOPs mentioned were something else, now something else is coming. If the SOPs created in consultation with us are not implemented, the vehicles will not run.

"We have accepted the reduction in fares but the reduction in the number of passengers is not acceptable," he said. Buses cannot run with 50% passengers. Therefore, we have decided that public transport will not run across Punjab from Monday. Vehicles cannot run under SOPs of the government.

Transporters split into two factions, one organization announcing to drive

On the other hand, President Justice Transport Workers Federation Shakeel Ashraf Butt has announced to activate all transports from 12 noon on Sunday, after which the transporters of Punjab have been divided into two factions.

Shakeel Ashraf said in a press conference that he hoped that the Chief Minister of Punjab would provide full protection to us. Mirza Shehzad, leader of Insaf Transport Workers Federation, said that the closure of transport for two months has caused financial difficulties. The SOPs that the government has developed are quite simple. Through the efforts of the transport brothers and other organizations, transport was opened. Disinfect vehicles, use hand sanitizer masks.

"We expect the government to announce relief in our taxes and tolls," he said. Fares for AC and non-AC buses will be reduced by another 15% and government orders will be complied with.

Government of Punjab SOPs issued for public transport

Express News has received the notification of final SOPs and reduction of fares for rehabilitation of public transport, according to which the Punjab government has reduced the fares of air-conditioned public transport by 20% and similarly non-air-conditioned public transport fares from 78 paise to 93 paise. Money has been reduced per kilometer.

In the issued SOPs, it has been instructed to keep the windows of the bus or wagon open for air. Upon completion of the journey, the bus will be washed with disinfectant. Will go Electronic ticketing will have to be issued to ensure tracking of passengers. Additional personnel will be deployed at the bus terminals and crowds will not be allowed. Marking will be done at the parking sites in the terminal.

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The guidelines require passengers to wear masks and gloves. Social distance between passengers and bus crew must be ensured. It was made mandatory to check the temperature of the driver and conductor before starting the journey. The seat with the 65-year-old passenger will be left empty. Tissue will be used for coughs and colds. In case of fever or severe cough, the passenger will not be allowed to board the vehicle. There should be head sanitizer in Rawalpindi bus terminal and bus or wagon. Passengers on public transport will be 3 feet apart.

Goods transporters reduced fares by 30%

On the other hand, Pakistan Goods Transporters has announced a 25-30% reduction in fares due to reduction in diesel prices and also demanded from the government to reduce the prices of commodities in the market.

General Secretary Pakistan Goods Transport Association Tariq Nabil said that due to reduction in diesel prices, the government has decided to reduce fares by 25 to 30 percent. In view of reduction in fares, the government should reduce the prices of commodities in the markets. Good transporters have announced a 30 per cent reduction in fares on their own in the public interest due to the reduction in diesel prices.


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