The three-month lockdown in Saudi Arabia will end on Sunday. Photos, Reuters

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia has announced the lifting of restrictions on all business activities from Sunday, despite signs of a slowdown in the spread of the corona virus.

According to Saudi Arabia's state news agency, after a three-month lockdown, the nationwide curfew and restrictions on business activities will be lifted on Sunday morning. The curfew will end at 6 am on Sunday. The ban on gatherings of more than 50 people will remain in place.

The government took drastic measures in March to curb the spread of the corona epidemic, including the imposition of curfews in many areas and cities. In May, the Saudi government announced plans to lift travel and transportation restrictions in three phases.

It should be noted that since the easing of the lockdown on May 28, the number of virus cases in Saudi Arabia has increased and the number of Corona victims has exceeded 154,000, while 1230 deaths have been reported. Among the GCC countries, Saudi Arabia is the most affected by the corona virus.

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A foreign news agency quoted sources as saying that the Saudi government was considering restricting the Hajj.


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