Hajj has been allowed on a limited scale this year, according to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia has announced a Hajj policy for this year, according to which only people living in Saudi Arabia will be able to perform Hajj this year.

According to the official news agency, the Ministry of Hajj said in a statement that the Hajj will be restricted this year and people belonging to different nationalities living in Saudi Arabia will participate in it. Due to the corona virus epidemic, pilgrims from abroad will not be allowed to come to Saudi Arabia for Hajj this year.

The statement said that due to the spread of the corona virus epidemic worldwide and the unavailability of vaccines, the number of Hajj participants would be limited, which would help maintain social distance between the pilgrims during the Hajj.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Hajj said that since the onset of the epidemic, ensuring the health and well-being of the pilgrims and pilgrims has been our top priority. In order to make the holy places safe for the pilgrims, the first Umrah pilgrims were banned. Numerous Islamic and international organizations have acknowledged our efforts to curb the spread of the epidemic. In this context, in view of the situation of the spread of the epidemic, it has been decided to limit the Hajj this year.

Every year, millions of Muslims travel to Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj, an important part of Islam. Last year, 2.5 million people performed the Hajj. However, due to the Corona virus epidemic this year, two months ago, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj had issued a directive to pilgrims from all over the world to delay preparations.

Indonesia has already barred its citizens from participating in the Hajj due to a delay in a final announcement by the Saudi government regarding the Hajj. It is clear that most pilgrims from Indonesia participate in the Hajj. Later, Malaysia, Senegal and Singapore also announced that their citizens would not participate in the Hajj.

It should be noted that the Saudi government had banned Umrah in February to curb the spread of Corona virus epidemic and the ban on performing Umrah has been maintained despite the end of the three-month lockdown last week.


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