19 countries already have travel bans on neighboring Arab states: News Agency

Due to the Corona virus, Saudi Arabia imposed travel bans on 12 new countries, including the European Union, within 72 hours, urging Umrah pilgrims and visitors to leave.

Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry has given 72 hours to all residents of Pakistan and other countries, including Iqama Holder and Umrah pilgrims, after which the Pakistani Foreign Ministry has set up a hotline in embassies and consulates.

The PIA has announced three special flights to operate after the Saudi government announced it, according to a PIA spokesman. The first flight PK 763/764 will fly from Islamabad to Jeddah on Sunday. On Saturday, flights from PK 717/718 Karachi to Medina and PK 767/768 from Karachi to Jeddah.

PIA spokesman Abdullah Jan says flights can be increased as needed, for all travelers who want to travel due to restrictions, contact the PIA's office immediately.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia's embassy in Pakistan has said that the Saudi government has temporarily banned travel of its citizens and foreigners due to the coronavirus, giving Saudi citizens or holders of holders a chance to return to Saudi Arabia. The decision has been relaxed for 72 hours, flights from several countries including Pakistan have been closed. In case of an emergency visit, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Health can approach on humanitarian grounds.

According to Saudi Arabia's official news agency, the country already has travel restrictions on 19 countries, including neighboring Arab states, whose scope has been further expanded; recent decisions include EU countries, besides Switzerland, India, Pakistan, Surrey. Travel restrictions have also been imposed on Lanka, the Philippines, Sudan, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Eritrea, Kenya, Djibouti and Somalia.

The recent decision has given immunity to health workers belonging to the Philippines and India. According to the official news agency, it was decided after 24 new case reports, the total number of corona victims in Saudi Arabia has increased to 45.


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