The Anti-Terrorism Amendment Bill was passed by a majority in the National Assembly yesterday (Photo, File)

Islamabad: The Senate rejected the Anti-Terrorism 2020 Amendment Bill passed by the National Assembly.

According to Express News, the government was once again defeated in the upper house and the third anti-terrorism amendment bill passed by the National Assembly yesterday was rejected by the opposition in the Senate by a numerical margin. The bill received 31 votes in favor and 34 against.

The Anti-Terrorism Amendment Bill 2020, passed by the National Assembly yesterday, included a provision to use new techniques in investigative procedures. Under which the investigating officer will use some techniques in 60 days with the permission of the court to trace the provision of funds in terrorism.

Under the Anti-Terrorism Amendment Bill, these techniques include covert operations, tracking of communications, review of computer systems, while an extension of 60 days can be obtained by submitting a written request to the court.

Meanwhile, in the ongoing session of Parliament, government members passed a motion to send the amendment bill to a joint sitting of both the houses. It should be noted that a joint sitting of Parliament has been convened today to legislate on FATF.


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