134 trains run daily, Sheikh Rasheed Photo: File

Islamabad: Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed announced to shut down 34 trains in the wake of the Corona virus.

During a press conference in Islamabad, Sheikh Rasheed said that on a daily basis, 2 lakh people travel in the railways, which has been increased by the Corona virus to 100,000. Special care is being taken to clean trains, railway passengers are being screened.

Sheikh Rasheed said that 134 trains are running daily, 12 trains are being shut down from March 22, 20 more trains can be closed if needed, we spend on the railways what we earn, if the entire service is stopped. We do not have pension and employees' salary money. We're going to stop 34 of the 134 trains. This will not keep the salaries of the employees.

Asked about the Isolation of Lal Haveli, Sheikh Rasheed said, "It is my belief that the day of death is fixed. The night that is in the grave will not be out, the red mansion will not close, I will continue to meet the people and there will be open trash.


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