Weak commission did not record Imran Khan's statement, PM responsible for ECC decision, PML-N president Photo: File

PML-N President and Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif blamed Prime Minister Imran Khan for the sugar scandal and said that the commission did not record the statement of Imran Khan who was actually responsible for sugar exports.

In an interview on Thursday, Shahbaz Sharif said that the report of the Commission of Inquiry is just a hoax. If Nawaz Sharif can appear in JIT, we can suffer NAB appearances day and night, we can suffer in prisons and jails. Is it possible that they cannot appear before the Chinese Commission of Inquiry? Prime Minister Imran Khan's non-appearance before the commission means that the commission is so weak and frightened that it did not dare to call the prime minister.

He said that setting up of Imran Khan's Sugar Commission of Inquiry is tantamount to reprimanding Alta Chor Kotwal. This is not a matter of subsidy. In the past also different governments have been subsidizing the export of wheat and sugar but there are basic conditions. Sugarcane production figures for 19 years will prove that there was no surplus stock in the country to export sugar, no surplus to balance demand and consumption, so it was a criminal decision.

The Prime Minister is responsible for the decision of the ECC, the decision of the ECC is ratified by the Federal Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister is bound after the decision of the Supreme Court in 2016 because the Prime Minister and the Cabinet are responsible for all these decisions. The Chief Minister and the Cabinet in the provinces are responsible for this. The decision to export was taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan. Action should be taken against the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is responsible for this theft and robbery. Then it is the turn of Usman Bazdar.


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