Agreement reached with China, 150 volunteers selected for experiment, Indus Hospital spokesman (Photo: File)

Karachi: The trial of Code 19 vaccine for the first time in Pakistan will start next week at Indus Hospital Karachi for which volunteers have been selected. An agreement has also been reached between the Government of Pakistan and China to launch the vaccine on an experimental basis.

A spokesman for the Indus Hospital administration confirmed the experimental use of the Code 19 vaccine in the hospital and told the Express that for the first time, trial trials of the Code 19 vaccine would begin this month, initially selecting 150 people. Has gone

He said the trial would review the re-vaccination six months after the vaccine was administered to determine whether more people would be included in the trial.

He said that the volunteers for the vaccination have been selected by the experts of the research team of Indus Hospital. At present, the experimental vaccine will be used on 150 people while the duration of the experimental vaccine has been decided to be one year. Individuals who have been selected have volunteered for the trial, and the Code 19 vaccine will be given to those 18 years of age or older.

Meanwhile, pharmacologist Dr. Obaid Ali welcomed the experimental use of the COD 19 vaccine in Pakistan and said that the trial and testing of the vaccine is a very complex process, with harmful and positive effects, but its usefulness. And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this.


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