After the increase this year, the total debt reached 87.2% of GDP, the Ministry of Finance said. Photo: File

Islamabad: The finance ministry has acknowledged that the government's debt has increased by Rs 14,000 billion.

The Ministry of Finance presented the details of outstanding national debts in the National Assembly. In response, the Ministry of Finance has acknowledged an increase of Rs 14,000 billion in domestic debt by the government.

The reply submitted by the Ministry of Finance states that the total government debt was 81.1% of GDP in 2019. After the increase this year, the total debt reached 87.2% of GDP. In the year 2019, the total debt stood at 105.9% of GDP, this year the debt reached 106.8% of GDP.

In the National Assembly, Minister for Economic Affairs Khusro Bakhtiar presented the details of foreign aid and loans received to tackle the challenge of Corona virus in the National Assembly, which stated that a total of 3 billion 555 million 21 million 10 Thousands of dollars in foreign aid.

In response, it was stated that the World Bank provided 30 300 million for various projects, the IMF provided ایک 1.386 billion for budget support, the Asian Development Bank provided 81 817 million, including 50 500 million, grants. The Asian Development Bank, Japan, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and South Korea provided 91 99.11 million, while the government of Pakistan received ارب 2.943 billion in aid, while dealing with Corona. For this, the G20 countries provided relief by deferring the payment of outstanding debts of ارب 2.124 billion.


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