People stuck in Punjab, protesting travelers, begging for private transporters to go to Sindh (Photo: Internet)

Lahore: Punjab government shut down public transport for Sindh in view of Corona virus

According to Express News, after the increasing cases of Corona virus, the government of Punjab and the Department of Transport made a big decision and stopped the transport from Sindh to Sindh. In this regard, a post has been issued to the Deputy Commissioners, Secretaries of the Regional Transport Authority.

According to the post, all public transport within the boundaries of Sindh should be stopped, action should be taken against the violators. The Department of Transport sent the notification to the adjoining stations of the bus stations as well as informed the transporters individually.

According to sources, the closure of public transport from Punjab to Sindh was done at the request of the Sindh government. According to Transport Department sources, more than 300 buses from Punjab carry about 15,000 passengers daily to Sindh.

Traveler protests over transport closure

On the other hand, commuters were protesting against the closure of transport from Punjab to Sindh. The passengers said that we made advance booking but no one was aware that the bus service was being stopped, instead of abruptly shutting down the bus service, the passengers were given two or three days so that the passengers could return to their homes.

People were stuck in Punjab along with their families

Travelers added that now we are stuck in Punjab with our family, which has increased our difficulties. Meanwhile, discussions between transport staff and passengers at various bus stations in the provincial capital have also taken place.

Stopped service in a few hours, at least in advance, passenger disruption

Talking to Express, Khalid, head of a family from Lahore to Karachi, said that we had come to attend the wedding ceremony of our relatives because of the corona the ceremony was canceled. Advance bookings earlier in the day, no one said service would stop, now when I arrived at the base for a return with my wife and three children, I was told to withdraw the ticket money, which increased our anxiety. Now we have to turn to one side and on the other we cannot go back home.

Traveler Khalid demanded that the government remove the ban for at least two days so that we could return to our homes. Passengers were furious over the fact that the Department of Transport stopped the bus service immediately after the hostilities and people were not given even a few hours a day to return.

The looting of online vehicles and private transporters in Sindh started

Private transporters, on the other hand, started returning looted passengers from Punjab with both hands. The car, taxi owners started booking heavy fares, online taxi services also participated in this loot and "backdoor" started providing expensive service for Sindh.

Online taxi services have shut down their vehicles and started sending them to different areas of Sindh. In this regard, Chairman of the All Pakistan Transporters Owners Federation, Azam Khan Niazi, while talking to Express, said that according to the government notification, we have stopped the transport service from Punjab to Sindh, which has stopped advance booking. Advance bookings are returned to them with thanks.

Azam Khan Niazi said that the transporters are with the government in the fight against Corona and we are cooperating with the transport department.


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