The Federal Minister for Information briefed the media on the decisions of the Cabinet. Photo, file

Islamabad: Federal Minister for Information Senator Shibli Faraz has said that the report of the commission of inquiry into the sugar crisis will come before Eid for which a special cabinet meeting can also be convened.

Elaborating on the details of the cabinet meeting in Islamabad, he said that the Prime Minister sought response from the concerned ministries in the cabinet on the issue of illegal recruitment. The Prime Minister expressed anger at the ministries for not providing data and directed them to provide the list within a week. 638 illegal recruitments were identified. These jobs are from August 2016 onwards. 27 ministries have provided details.

Informing about the decisions of the cabinet meeting, he said that agriculture is an important sector of the country's economy and it can take the country out of this situation. A subsidy of Rs 2.5 billion has been set aside for local tractors. 8.8 billion and Rs. 6 billion has been set aside for cotton medicines. A subsidy of Rs. 7 billion will be given to the agricultural sector in the field of fertilizers. The Cabinet ratified the decisions of the May 13 meeting of the Economic Co-ordination Committee.

Shibli Faraz said that the Prime Minister has expressed reservations over the performance of the members of IRSA and it was decided to bring competent people in IRSA as matters could not go ahead due to a special group. He directed that an inquiry be decided against him on the basis of the performance of Sindh, Punjab and federal members. They want to bring telemetry system for equitable distribution of water in the country. In the Securities and Exchange Commission, S. Masood Akhtar Naqvi has been made the chairman and former chairman Khalid Mirza has been made a member of the board.

He said that the issue of outsourcing the airport was also discussed in today's meeting. This step is being taken to bring Pakistani airports to the world level. For this, a committee headed by Federal Minister Sarwar Khan was formed. Which includes trade advisers and others. The legal framework in this regard will be clarified by June 30 this year. The decision does not pose a threat to airport employees but is likely to create more jobs.

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The Information Minister said that the Prime Minister has directed the ministries which have media obligations to pay in full before Eid. This step has been taken to ensure the salaries and dues of media workers. The Federal Minister said that it was decided in the meeting that a package would be given to those living on the Line of Control. Besides, it has been decided to sell wheat to Azad Kashmir at half price.

In response to a question, he said that the sugar inquiry report would come before Eid. I assure you that the Sugar Inquiry Report will be available by the next press conference. Sugar may call a special cabinet meeting for inquiry report.

He said that instead of answering the questions, Shahbaz Sharif demanded a new election which he regretted. They are talking nervously with answers to questions. In such a situation, such things do not suit any leader. They are running away from accountability which is inappropriate.


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