In 2017, many members of the royal family, ministers and important personalities were closed. Photo: File

London: The British Broadcasting Agency claims that the Saudi government has detained three members of the royal family, including the former Wali Ahadi.

According to the BBC report, the Saudi government has detained Prince Salman's younger brother Prince Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz, former Wali Ehed Mohammad bin Naif and the most prominent member of the royal family, Prince Nawaf bin Naif. The three men were detained at their palace on Friday, but the reasons for their arrest were not known.

It should be noted that in 2017, the orders of Prince Mohammed bin Salman were arrested and detained at the hotel by dozens of Saudi royal family members, ministers and businessmen. According to the Saudi government, these individuals were allegedly murdered by billions of rials, but Western media say that they were released after taking oath to remain loyal to Prince Mohammad Salman.


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