Confirmation Certificate from Private Medical University Principal or Public Hospital

Karachi: The State Bank of Pakistan has modified the Foreign Exchange Act to facilitate government and private hospitals to control corona virus in the country.

The State Bank has authorized 100% advance payment to authorized dealers in exchange for medical devices, medicines and other equipments for the prevention and treatment of the Kona virus. The State Bank has allowed authorized exchange dealers to import foreign currency and government entities, welfare associations and commercial importers into the Karuna virus without the need for import of medical devices, medicines and equipment. ۔ This exchange will be provided on an open account basis.

Commercial importers and welfare agencies are required to obtain a certification certificate from a private medical university principal or a government-sponsored hospital confirming that the imported equipment and medicines carry the virus. Will be used only for the treatment of Advance payments can be issued on the basis of Letter of Credit or Standby Letter of Credit, registered contract and invoice.


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