If there is evidence against the accused, bail cannot be made before proceeding: SC

Islamabad: The Supreme Court has ruled that there is no scope for pre-arrest bail.

The Supreme Court issued a major decision based on the interpretation of pre-arrest bail, saying that in order to protect the innocent from arrest, the court had created a special pre-bail plea, which was intended to prevent the deportation of innocent people. There is a special discount that not every accused can get.

The Supreme Court ruled that the consequences of arresting the accused could have far-reaching consequences and that the arrest could lead to the loss of evidence, so if evidence is available in the plaintiff's view, bail cannot be made prior.

The court issued the verdict on the bail application of Secretary Union Council Jamshed Town Karachi Ghulam Farooq Chana. Ghulam Farooq Chana was accused of making fake woman's death certificate through which the woman's valuable land was seized. Ghulam Farooq is investigating anti-corruption against Chana.

The Supreme Court ruled that Ghulam Farooq Chana was not eligible for pre-arrest exemption.


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