Only ticket holders will be allowed to enter the station premises, SOPs. Photo, file

Lahore: After a 55-day shutdown across the country, 30 trains of 15 up and 15 down will start running from today.

According to the details, the operation of "passenger" trains will start from today after 55 days across the country. However, the movement of trains has been restricted. In view of the concerns of Corona virus, the railway administration sprayed disinfectants inside the passenger bogies and also cleaned the bogies.

In this regard, Chief Commercial Manager "Passenger" Malik Mohammad Farooq has said that booking process in 60% of trains will be stopped after occupancy, booking in trains is being done only online and reservation offices will remain closed. Railway Station The area up to 200 meters will be closed for non-essential people. Passengers will be allowed to enter the station one hour before the departure of the train. The families of the passengers will not be allowed to leave the station. Only ticket holders will be allowed to enter the station.

He said that sanitizer walk-through gates would be installed at railway stations. Medical officers and staff have been deployed at the train stop stations to ensure social distance and the temperature of all passengers will be checked during the journey while passengers are instructed to wear masks, sanitizer, gloves and soap. Has gone

Prior to the train operation, the trains will be thoroughly cleaned and washed and the platforms including disinfectant spray inside the trains will also be cleaned. The railway administration has introduced SOPs for passengers traveling by rail. For the first time, the passengers will be fined Rs 5 for violating the SOPs. Train stops will also be shortened.

Change in train times and many small stops

Sources said that with the resumption of partial train operations by the railway authorities, the working hours of trains have also been changed and stops at several small towns will also be removed, which will reduce the travel hours of trains. The duration has also been reduced.

After partial resumption of train operations, the first train will leave at 7.30 am this morning. Bad style Will leave from platform number two for Rawalpindi. The train used to leave Lahore at 7 am before the train operation was suspended. The second train Khyber Mail to Down will leave Lahore station at 8:30 am for Karachi from Platform No. 4. This train used to run from Lahore station at 8 am. Will be. The third train Allama Iqbal Express will leave for Karachi at 12 noon. The fourth train will leave for Karachi via Faisalabad. The fifth train Business Express will leave for Karachi via Sahiwal at 4 o'clock. Similarly, Jaffar Express will leave for Quetta and Shah Hussain Express will leave for Karachi via Faisalabad at 7 pm.


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