15 days water supply suspended in various blocks of PECH Society Photo: file

Karachi: The PECH Society and other areas have been suspended for several days due to which the city has been facing severe problems due to the drop off.

According to the details, demand for water in Karachi has started to increase due to increase in demand of water. Various areas have been suspended from water for 15, 15 days. The drop off of the water went to Bondkotres, the city was forced to get water through a water tanker, although residents say that there was no crisis in the PECH Society, but a combination of Exxon and Walman caused a water crisis. Due to which the citizens are thirsty for water.

Regarding Exxon Jamshed Town, sources say they have closed down the supply of water and preferred water in the areas where they allegedly received the gift, along with Xen. Wallman and Chelsea are also in Malwa, while the PECH Society Block Two has been closed for a few days due to which the residents of the area became suspected of severe complications. It is to be said that with the arrival of summer, the water board is mobilized by the staff, which releases and discharges the water through blackmail. The residents of the area have urged the MD Water Board to take strict action against those who caused artificial turmoil in the PECH Society Block Two and bring the water to normal. Do your part.

Sources say that the entire team is mobilized in Jamshed Town for a joint venture with Xin and Wallman running a system that is making water vital through the smell. It is important that while bribery fraud is being distributed to the citizens on the other hand, sources said that a company by the name of BoringWorks is working in which the relevant officers and staff of the water board are involved, if this is not possible. If action is taken against them, the water can be destroyed in the PECH Society.


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