Corona control over China unrest, 250 more killed in 24 hours, death toll rises to 1266 (Photo: Internet)

Worldwide, the number of Corona virus-infected people has grown to more than 1 lakh 44 thousand, killing 5,400 people, while 71,000 have recovered, while 67 thousand 800 are still under treatment.


According to global media, 80 thousand 815 cases of the virus have been reported so far in China, while the death toll has risen to 3,177 after 8 more deaths. The disease has been controlled in China, more than 64,000 of the 80,000 patients have recovered and 13,000 are undergoing treatment.


After China, Italy has emerged as the most affected country, losing 250 more lives in the last 24 hours and the death toll has risen to 1266 while 17,660 have been victims of Corona.


Iran is ranked third in the list of catastrophic cases from Corona where the total death toll has risen to 514 after 85 more deaths, while the number of patients has risen to around 11,000 after the emergence of 133 new cases.

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United States

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump imposed an emergency in the country due to an increase in killings from Corona. In the United States, 41 people have been killed by the Corona virus, while the number of patients has increased to more than 2,000 since the emergence of the new 377 cases.


After China, Italy, South Korea and Iran, the situation is getting worse, with 36 recent deaths, 122 total deaths and 1188 new cases, bringing the total number of patients to 4,334. Is.

South Korea

After 5 more deaths from Corona, the death toll in South Korea is 71 while the number of cases has risen to 8,000.


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